DJ Carbunk1e (Matt Sabol)

"I'm 6'2 blue eyes and I only marry Korean women. I like to spend my nights with long walks on the beach and I love music. Chocolate pecan pie is one of my all time favorite desserts, but lately I've really liked tiramisus. Some nights I lay in bed and my mind is embraced with constellations of symphonies dancing in the dark wind.

Anyways, I've been in several bands and I've worked several times with Ryan (Ryan8bit). He's one of those talented guitar guys who like, plays solos and stuff. Anyways, his stuff is pretty good. The song I wrote with him in particular, I decided to use a more hip-hop style beat, more like Suffering Planet or That Balcony Thing. I still have a few songs that he's recorded that hopefully I'll release on OCR or VGMix in the near future.

I guess since I usually write really dark pieces that are like all evil and stuff, that I should say something scary or something. Especially since this is a 'DooM' Project. But that's just too cliché... ^_^

Ok ok ok... so I read up on the Tales-Project biographies, and they're all serious and stuff. No one wants to hear how long I played piano (10 years of lessons, and 14 years playing) or the variety of instruments I've played and attained awards in (trombone, hand bells, organ, guitar, clarinet, marimba, and I'm sure there are some other instruments I'm missing...). I noticed some people put where they were born... I was born, in a hospital, just like most people. I'm really not that interesting, although my second toe is longer than my big toe, and I can hold one eye still while moving my other eye. Still, it's not really a marketable skill...

Oh yeah, what instruments were used in my songs... I used some random sounds I recorded as well as some sounds I found online. I used Reason 3.0.3 and I could be wrong, but I think Ryan8bit played the kazoo."