Elsa Persson (Elsa Persson)

"As far as I know, I've never played a computer game in my entire life. But I've listened to computer game music a lot, since my older brother used to be a real Commodore 64 geek...I mean enthusiast! One of the more surreal events of my life was performing in London and writing my autograph on dozens of the Visa Röster *** Commodore 64 *** Vocal CDs. Surreal, but nice (Quote: Hugh Grant in "Notting Hill") To those of you who heard "DooM" and other game music stuff that I've been part of: I'm just as crazy and mean as it seems!"

Elsa Persson has her formal education from the Royal Music Academy of Linero, Lund, with several prizes such as K.R.A.M and H.E.J from friendly gatherings in 2004. She's been a singer and performer all her life.

website: http://www.livet.se/visa