Hemophiliac (Chris Roman)

Hemophiliac has been writing music for approximately 2 years now. He prides himself in his knowledge of music theory and continues to take classes in it and expand his musical vocabulary. Being mostly influenced by John Williams, Danny Elfman, and Howard Shore, he brings his own blend of a semi-orchestral style. March-like percussion and brass, eerie choirs, and dark strings categorize his contribution to the project. Despite Hemophiliac's distaste for the source (E2M6), he has managed to create something a bit more listenable and diatonic, rather then the repetitive and chromatic original. Hemophiliac would like to thank: "analoq for mentioning that Mythril needed a song covered =P, Adhesive_Boy for dropping that track, Bobby Prince for creating a song that was challenging to arrange, Mythril Nazgul for letting me give it a shot, and finally Jill Goldin, without her this song would not be possible; thank you from the bottom of my heart."

email: romantaker@yahoo.com