Home - August 7, 2005

DooM is a first-person shooter game for the PC that was developed and released by id Software in 1993. The game revolutionised the gaming industry by becoming the basis on which other games of a similar genre were compared to. The game is a simple manner: You, as the only surviving marine on one of Mars' moons, have the sole duty to take on hoards of zombies and hellspawn in order to stop hell from unleashing itself upon humanity.

The music in DooM was created by Robert Prince. It doesn't take a genius to realise that several of the tracks in the game were heavily influenced from rock music by other bands. Originally, Prince was asked to compose the DooM soundtrack entirely out of covers of rock songs. He disputed the idea knowing that some of the levels in DooM simply wouldn't have had the right atmosphere under those circumstances; so he and John Romero sat down and chewed out a mix of rock covers and some of Prince's own unique style of creepy music which we would now recognise as "DooM style." Since Prince used rock songs as source material, it's ironic in a way that some of the resulting tunes are actually remixes in the sense that they borrow melody lines and patterns from the source and turn it into its own unique music.

-Lee Barber (TO)

The Dark Side of Phobos was an OverClocked Remix site project that had the intent to mix a large portion of the soundtrack to one of the most important games of the first person shooter genre, DooM. The project was created in the wake of Kong in Concert and was originally maintained by klm09. After some months, the project began to slip away into obscurity and in November of 2004 I was asked to take control of the project and try to salvage it. After months of hard work on the part of all the mixers, controversy and arguments, and artists dropping and picking up songs (amongst other travesties) we are finally here, at the end: The successful completion of The Dark Side of Phobos.

-Navid Azeez (mythril nazgul)

It's been a pleasure working on the site that houses this project. All the musicians involved are incredibly talented and I hope you enjoy the fruits of their labors. Happy downloading!

-Aaron Wu (Global-Trance)