The Dark Side of Phobos is a 23 track, two disk album with remixes of music from the original DooM game for the PC. It is an official Overclocked Remix site project ( ).

It is distributed in two formats: .mp3 and .flac. Flac is a lossless audio format similar to mp3 except there is no loss of quality during the compression. As a result, the file sizes are larger than mp3s (around 25-30 mb) but smaller than the average wav file. For more information on flac files, check out the official website at

Flac files and mp3 files are both available by way of the Dark Side of Phobos torrent file. This is available on the Media page. If you donít want to download the (larger) flac portion of the torrent file, I recommend using a bittorrent client that allows for selected downloads. I recommend Please seed the torrent when you are done downloading. Thank you.

Mp3s are available via the mp3 mirrors on the Media page. Please be sure to make use of the fact that there are multiple mirrors as to not place a strain on one personís hosting.


There are a lot of people to thank on this project.

First of all, thanks to all the mixers for their efforts... for coming through when it seemed like the project was floundering, for picking up extra tracks when they didnít have to...thereís a lot of stuff that wouldnít have gotten done Ė hell, this project wouldnít have gotten finished if the mixers hadnít stepped up and done more than what they were asked to do. Thank you for that.

Thank you to the OCR community for their support of the project and (hopefully) for seeding the torrents and keeping the mirrors that let DSoP live. When the project seemed doomed (no pun intended) to failure, they were there to keep it bumped and living, to pester me to keep working on it, to give support and do all those nice things. Thank you.

Thanks to all the album artists. Youíve put a lot of work into those covers and Iím glad that they are all available for the final release.

Further thanks to djpretzel, the man, the big cheese. For without him, OC Remix would never exist... and thatís a bad thing.