TO (Lee Barber)

TO (The Orichalcon) has been making his own music for about 2 years now and playing the piano for 11 years. He started his musical recording back in the seventh grade when he purchased a Technics sx-KN501 MIDI keyboard. For his 18th birthday he received an Ibanez guitar and has been learning to play ever since. Since he started making his own music, he's remixed well over 50 pieces from games, mostly revolving around DooM. From late 2003 to the end of 2004 he made a 31-piece soundtrack for IONCROSS: Total War, working with 27-year Texan guitarist Damon De Maio. His music influences range from Nobuo Uematsu to Dan Wentz, and rock bands Tool and Silverchair. His favourite all-time game is DooM.